Kopikopikiri River (NZ)

Kopikopikiri Cliff Face, 2016, 12″x16″
Dramatic Cliff Face on Kopikopikiri River

Once upon a time there was a complete tree line that kept the sheep in their field. The river scoured the cliff face and the missing trees collapsed into the river and were washed away. Now the farmer has to string barbed wire along the cliff edge to keep from losing animals.

Watercolor on 140 lb Arches cold press, 11″x15″



Watercolor Paintings Lie Above!

Well Hello, Hello!

I have been painting watercolors since 1992, or thereabouts and it still fascinates me. Something magic happens when the wet paint colors mix on the paper or when those dark shadows are added and quite suddenly the jumbled painted strokes become coherent, and the painting is wonderfully colored and deep.

Just last week I rented space at the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts. The artist’s association asked me for a webpage, so here it is!